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A web series commissioned by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Ten professional footballers meet up with friends and talk about the things that count in life. They are, among others: Karim Bellarabi, Davie Selke, Daniel Keita-Ruel, Maxi Eggestein, Alexandra Popp, Sara Doorsoun, Ibrahima Traoré, René Klingenburg and Ahmed Kutucu.

#imkaefig – 10 true stories: A love letter to the local pitch.

Karim Bellarabi meets his best friend

Karim Bellarabi, striker for Bayer04 Leverkusen, meets his best friend at the local soccer cage. A conversation about the importance of lifelong friends.

Maxi Eggestein meets Marco Bode

Maxi Eggestein, midfielder at Werder Bremen, meets the World Cup Vice Champion and Werder veteran Marco Bode for a penalty shootout. A conversation about what it’s like to be the first to step up to the penalty box.

Ibrahima Traoré meets Johann Reißer

Ibrahima Traoré from top-ranked Borussia Mönchengladbach meets Johann Reißer, a player on the DFB National Authors’ Team. A conversation on the pitch about freedom, happiness and why it’s always good to have a “Plan B”.

Alexandra Popp meets Horst Hrubesch

Two football greats with a lot to say to each other:  VFL Wolfsburg player and captain of the German women’s national football team Alex Popp meets her former national coach Horst Hrubesch. A conversation in the soccer cage about women and men, their love for the beautiful game and the steely will to prove oneself.

Davie Selke meets his father Teddy Rupp

Hertha BSC player Davie Selke meets his father Teddy Rupp at the local football pitch.  They talk about how they’ve pushed each other to grow over the years, and about overcoming conflict.

Daniel Keita-Ruel meets Kenny Prince Redondo

SpVgg Greuther Fürth teammates Daniel Keita-Ruel and Kenny Prince Redondo meet in a soccer cage. A conversation about punishment and guilt, bad friends, and football in both good and bad times.

Ahmed Kutucu meets Levent Mercan

Schalke 04 player Ahmed Kutucu recently debuted in the Turkish national team. His teammate Levent Mercan plays for the German National Under-20 football team. They chat about Germany, Recklinghausen and Gelsenkirchen, and about decisions and respect.

Sara Doorsoun meets Felicitas Rauch

VfL-Wolfsburg and Women’s Bundesliga players Sara Doorsoun and Felicitas Rauch meet up at the local 5-a-side pitch. A conversation about curiosity and self-confidence.

René Klingenburg meets Ralf Minge

Midfielder René Klingenburg meets Dynamo sporting director and club legend Ralf Minge – both discuss the moments they realized: “I can’t go on like this.” A frank conversation about the importance of not losing yourself, and how to get your life back on track and onto the pitch.

Serdar Dursun meets Anil Sarak

Serdar Dursun from SV Darmstadt 1898 e.V. meets his friend Anil Sarak. A conversation at the local pitch about home and homesickness, tea in Germany, kebabs in Turkey, and why things aren’t always so simple.

ist eine Webvideo-Serie der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Zehn Fußballprofis treffen auf ihre Weggefährten und sprechen über das, was im Leben zählt. Unter anderem dabei sind Karim Bellarabi, Davie Selke, Daniel Keita-Ruel, Kenny Prince Redondo, Maxi Eggestein, Alexandra Popp, Sara Doorsoun, Felicitas Rauch, Ibrahima Traoré, Ahmed Kutucu, Serdar Dursun,  René Klingenburg, Levent Mercan, Ralf Minge, Marco Bode und Horst Hrubesch.

#imkaefig - 10 Geschichten aus dem echten Leben. Und eine Liebeserklärung an den Bolzplatz.

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